Northland Orthopaedic Surgeon

Take back control, regain your movement and strength.

If injury or pain is stopping you from enjoying life, playing sport or working – let Lyndon Bradley help you start the journey to recovery.

Dr. Lyndon Bradley

Lyndon Bradley is a highly trained and experienced orthopaedic surgeon. Combining advanced techniques, world leading technology and high-level training to achieve the best results for his patients

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Dr. Lyndon Bradley

Dr. Lyndon Bradley

Behind the Science

Research, technology, knowledge. There is a lot more than just the surgery.

Read more to find out about the science behind your care, the implants used for surgery and the development of a practice dedicated to your recovery and return to a full and active lifestyle.

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behind the science

LJ Bradley Specialties

LJ Bradley can treat total hip and knee joint replacements, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tear, shoulder instability, limb lengthening and re-alignment, meniscal surgery, hip labral tears, femero-acetabular impingement, fractures and trauma.