Data collection and patient centered outcomes

As a patient of Lyndon Bradley, you may be asked to fill out some questionnaires before and after surgery. It is understood that this can seem a mundane task for the patient, but the importance of this is vital to achieving excellent results.

The term used for these forms is “PROMs”. Patient reported outcome measures. This means that a patient is asked a series of questions that are validated to represent a summary of what is important for good results. The surgeon is not able to influence the answers that the patient submits. These PROMs are focused on a patient’s levels of pain, daily functions and physical abilities. In other words, it is not judging results of an xray or whether the surgeon reports a good result, it focuses on what is really important – Is the patient happy.

Currently all ACL reconstructions, knee and hip joint replacements are included.

Lyndon Bradley employs an analyst to specifically manage this and all data is stored on secure servers and databases. Any information a patient provides is strictly confidential and the property of the surgeon which ensures absolute security for his patients.

This information helps highlight any patient that might be having trouble and ensures excellent outcomes are being achieved. It also can be compared to other surgeons around the country to ensure that Lyndon’s patients are receiving the best possible treatment available.