Total knee joint replacement

There are many types of knee joint replacements available on the market for surgeons to select for their patients. Lyndon is proud to use the Saiph Knee by MatOrtho and has been part of the international user group which has achieved world leading patient out comes and survival results.

This knee is acclaimed for its more natural feel, high functionality and excellent results. The key differences that Lyndon believes makes this knee the best choice for his patients is that it is shaped and it moves more like a patients “native” knee and as such feels more comfortable and performs better.

Careful follow up research has proven that patients are reporting better results than many total knees used around the country.

Lyndon would encourage patients to discuss the implant choice and see the link below for full details:

Before a total knee joint replacement is performed, the patient will have xrays with additional “marker size”. The surgeon then uses these images in computer software that allows them to carefully plan the exact components required for each individual patient’s anatomy, including the size as well as planning the bone cuts to correct alignment.

During the operation we use COMPUTER NAVIGATION WITH 3-DIMENSIONAL MODELLING. Special markers are put on the joint and computer sensors are used to recreate a three-dimensional model of your knee. Using this very accurate system we plan the cuts and placement of the total knee joint replacement. This helps us put the knee into the most accurate position we can achieve.