Total Knee Joint Replacement

Mr GW was a patient suffering from arthritis in his right knee. He had had a severe injury many years previously which left him with ligament injury, instability and post-traumatic arthritis.

He underwent a Total knee joint replacement of his right knee.

The difference this has made to my quality of life has been fantastic – sleeping all night without pain and discomfort or the need for any pain medication.

Once I had completed the rehab – which I must stress to anyone else is essential to persevere with and get through – I was able to return to work without any problems and have found I have been able to tackle lots more tasks that I would have found difficult or not have undertaken at all – like racing up and down the 20 stairs to my  upstairs office about 10 times a day!

Since my operation the activities I have ticked off my bucket list so far have been:

  • 22km Fire Brigade charity fun walk in November 2019 for prostate cancer from Opua to Kawakawa along the rail trail – this was my goal during my rehab
  • Cycling the new cycle trail from Rust Ave Whangarei to Kamo
  • Cycling from the new lift bridge to Onerahi via the Waimahunga track and back
  • Walking up and down Parihaka from Mair Park
  • Climbing Mount Manaia with my daughter
  • Walking and riding around Barge showgrounds and going into the bush
  • Swimming and paddle boarding over the Christmas holidays
  • Around home I have enjoyed my newfound mobility just mowing lawns and gardening and being able to kneel down and get up again without pain or discomfort.

I must thank both Yourself and your staff for the professional but also personal care that was offered to me.

I cannot fault the excellent pre-op and post-op care that was offered to me during what could be a very traumatic experience for some.

I would have no hesitation in suggesting someone in a similar state I was in making contact with Mr Bradley and seeking his advice on surgery for an improved lifestyle.

After waiting for over 15 years for this operation I am absolutely rapt with the result.

- GW